Got Coworking on your Mind? Wait! What is Coworking?

CoWorking on your MIND? Wait! What is Coworking?522 Elizabeth Street

Do you work from home and find it Distracting or lonely? Coworking may be for you. What is Coworking all about? Think of it as being as whole bunch of independent businesses, like you, but all working under one roof. Imagine that! You, the photographer, having your own corner office area for “your stuff” but having access to a professional meeting room for those all-important client meetings and presentations ready at your fingertips.

Or are you a personal trainer and need access to a boutique gym for those private workout sessions that people crave, after all who wants to work out in a huge gym where people gawk at you while you sweat it off… here’s a solution. Perhaps rent the gym from a coworking site, and offer training sessions to the other independents there as well..

Or are you an accountant but don’t have the space you need at home to accomplish a decent days work, well here’s the solution for you as well…

OR are you an investor and want to get into owning a commercial property but are afraid of losing that tenant you need to pay the monthly bills…. Well this may be the perfect solution for you, after all 10 tenants each renting space are better than one big one who decides to move out!!

The Coworking scenarios are endless… if this interests you give me a call let’s get the ideas working and off the ground.  I can be reached at

705-220-8758 or email